Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Trimmings, Gingerbread Men, and Our Friend Jim

Wow! Can I just say, I now know exactly why our parents would get so excited to decorate the Christmas tree. It was the perfect excuse for them to sip on their cognac of choice, act silly, and listen to great music. Well, that is exactly what Ryan and I chose to do on our Sunday together. It was such a wonderful day! Ryan gets all the credit for dragging out our "life like" Fake Christmas Tree. That darn thing is a pain in the a** every year! He also gets mucho credit for finding us great music to listen to while decorating our fragrant plastic tree.

After a little fluffing of the Fake plastic branches, and the game of twister we played just to get all the male and female lights connected perfectly with their mates, we washed our hands of the sap and invited our friend Jim over for a little extra help with the tree trimming. Jim is such a great helper!